Featured Fig: J.C. Marie

Each week we will be featuring one member for their outstanding contributions to the Figment community.

This week we’re featuring J.C. Marie! Check out five of her stories along with her interview questions below!

J.C. Marie

What do you enjoy most about Figment and its community?

  • I enjoy that Figment enables me to make writing an interactive experience. I can share my pieces and get feedback and make adjustments so I can have the best version of my piece. It also motivates me to keep writing and keep working to improve my skills. Everyone wants each other to succeed and improve, and having the support of this community through the groups I am apart of, long-winded reviews, and simple comments, I feel I have really grown, even in the short period of time I have been apart of Figment.

What is your favorite story that you have shared on Figment and why?

  • My favorite story I have shared would have to be “Shine.” It is really inspired by my own life and experiences. It is about a girl coming into her own in a world where she feels left out. Writing it was very personal to me, and it took me a long time to have the guts to share it. The first time anyone actually read it was on Figment when I posted it. It was frightening, sharing such a personal part of me, and still is because not everyone is going to get it. Regardless, I am proud to say I wrote “Shine.”

Where do you find inspiration to write and keep writing?

  • I find a lot of inspiration in every day life. I’ve always been the type to observe people: how they speak, how they interact with each other, how they in different situations. I like trying to understand people, and by writing about every day life I try to give others a glimpse into that as well. Inspiration is all around us, from the way a young man tenderly strokes the cheek of the woman he loves to the frazzled appearance of a mother trying to keep her three children from causing a scene in the middle of the grocery store. Sometimes, the best inspiration is just taking a moment to stop and watch others.

What is the last book that you read?

  • The last book I read was “I Capture the Castle” by Dodie Smith. However, this wasn’t the first time I have read it, and it certainly won’t be the last. It is my absolute favorite book in the entire world. If you haven’t read it, we can’t be friends. Ok, that was a lie. But you should still go read it.

Do you have any advice for other Figgies looking to improve their writing?

  • Listen to advice. A lot of the time we think our piece is perfect as is and we don’t want to listen to other people. However, there comes a point where listening to advice can change a piece to where it is no longer your own. So above all, listen to yourself.

Congratulations again J.C. Marie and thank you for sharing talent, inspiration and advice with us! Be sure to check out some of her work below.



A young Indian girl struggles to find herself in a world where she doesn’t feel she fits in.

Something Wicked this Way Comes





A seasons quartet. Each season has a distinct POV and emotion.

The Remainder


A character sketch of a lonely man.



Two brothers come together when facing a common enemy. Original version of my July Challenge entry.

Congratulations again, J.C. Marie!

Let us know who you think should be our next Featured Fig!

– The Figment Team

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