Cult or Clique? Which are you in?

29 thoughts on “Cult or Clique? Which are you in?

    • I’m with you on this one, Emilia! Ha! Thanks for taking it anyway – I’m assuming like me, you don’t have to worry about being in a cult!
      – Rebekah

    • Hah! I can relate. I am home schooled so no school friends and the friends I do have (only four girls) I only see them like once a month at the most but I do think we are really good friends and they dont care how I dress and dont judge me (or at least not in my face). Though they dont really know me as I don’t show them my true geeky self. They think of me as a smart fashionable girl with a strong opinion when in reality I am also a huge geek.

      • I’ve always pretended to be someone else, except for year four five and six i completely shelled myself after those years though. People can’t accept it if your are smart but really poor and hang out with the ‘bully’ even though my bestie isn’t a bully, she was just trying to survive because they were being so mean about her having ‘problems’ such as pimples and family deaths and that sort of stuff but now we are besties and can’t live without each other, i can be myself around her because i don’t feel as if she will bully me about being a nerd or a complete slob.

  1. I didn’t even answer the first question. I’m very selective about my friends, and there are only a couple of people that I consider friends. They wouldn’t ask me to do something like that, and if they do, the answer is E.none of the above. I would ignore them or laugh at the suggestion.

  2. I got clique because I’m an individual, but the thing this quiz didn’t take into account is that my friends don’t pressure me to be like them because we’re all equally unique and maybe socially a bit deviant.
    So cult all the way! W00t!

  3. I got cult the first time and because I didn’t like the thought of my small group of friends being a cult of all things, I did it again and changed one answer and got clique. Thank goodness *wipes forehead*

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