What is your favorite movie made from a book?

27 thoughts on “What is your favorite movie made from a book?

  1. There are just so many good ones! I chose The Princess Bride but here are all of my favorites.

    1. Princess Bride
    2. Harry Potter
    3. The Chronicles of Narnia
    4. The Help
    5. Lord of the Rings
    6. Hunger Games

  2. I went by how well the movie portrayed the book, and had to choose Jurassic Park, though Secret Life of Bees was a close second, and The Help a close third. In my honest opinion, I’m glad that no one has yet voted for Eragon, because they butchered the movie. (On that same note, I’m thankful that the Golden Compass was not on this list.) While Harry Potter is my favorite book series, some movies I feel didn’t do the books justice (OotP). However, I do approve of this list, because now it seems that I have some new movies to watch and books to read. (I haven’t read/seen a fair few on this list.)

    • I know! The movie version of The Golden Compass totally sucked! It’s just one of those books that can’t be retold as a movie.

  3. The Giver for sure! It’s one of my favorite books and the movie totally did it justice. A lot of people didn’t like it because they were expecting some action-packed dystopian revolution (basically another cookie-cutter YA dystopia), but were disappointed when it wasn’t that at all. However, those who read the book understood that The Giver is so much more than that and very different. The trailers kind of made it seem like it was going to be this revolution action thing, so I was surprised but very, very happy that the movie stayed true to the book. The addition of the love story felt a bit contrived, though.

    • I too enjoyed The Giver movie. It is one of my favorite young adult fantasy novels. I think that they handled the “memory” issues well. I was wondering how they would do the flooding back of them.

  4. HOLES. Hands down, the best book to movie adaption ever. In that it was just as good of a movie as a book, and that the movie was still true to the book. My only detractor was the use of harmless bearded dragons as the evil, poisonous lizards, but other than that, a great movie adaption.

  5. Hands down the Da Vinci Code! While I am aware that the movie misses out on aspects of the book that creates amazing plot twists, the movie still creates that amazing feeling of adrenaline that you get from watching the actors on screen acting out an amazing thriller inspired by a great novel.

  6. I love the Harry Potter series, I think the movies were amazing. But most recently, I think The Maze Runner film is the best! It was different from the book in some ways, but I loved these differences and in the long run the movie stuck to the plot of the book. I loved the film so much!

  7. Has anyone seen the movie version of “The Book Thief”? It’s amazing. If you have read the book and not seen the movie, I DEFINITELY recommend you to watch it!

  8. I loved Catching Fire. The Hunger Games was very good, but I really like the concept of Catching Fire and they did a near perfect job translating it into a movie.

  9. LORD OF THE RINGS and the first Hobbit movie. They are so well scripted and played and in the books it has the best writing ever

  10. Harry Potter and the Hunger Games for sure. The Harry Potter adaptations are all great, but some are much weaker than others (cough cough Half-Blood Prince). All of the Hunger Games movies, however, are excellent adaptations. Catching Fire has got to be one of the best book-to-screen transitions I’ve ever seen!

  11. There are many good movies but the best for me is “Lord of the Rings”. It’s so incredible!! I watch it so many times and I will watch it again if I have time.
    And all the rest are also deserved.

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