What do you prefer to write on?

30 thoughts on “What do you prefer to write on?

  1. I don’t know why but writing on paper works a lot better for me than technology. But sometimes I can be a lazybutt and just work with whatever’s closest to me xD

  2. I’m usually on a computer if I feel I might want to post it on my blog or anything. But if I feel like doing a quick short story right before I go to bed, i’ll use a notebook.

  3. I prefer writing in a notebook. After a while it turns into my inspiration for writing. When I write on a an electronic device it turns out sounding a little robotic…

    • Hahahaha! Get it? Robotic? ‘Cause it’s an electronic…. never mind. But it’s completely opposite for me! :O If I write on paper it seems emotionless.

  4. I use notebooks and my laptop. I do all my detailing and character profiling in a notebook then type it up in a document. The I start writing on my laptop.

  5. I usually type out my stories but if it’s a particularly important scene or one I’m having difficulties with I break out the notebook and pens and write it out that way.
    I type a lot faster than I write so being able to take it slow helps me gather my thoughts and find the right words.

  6. i write in notebooks first, and then type the better draft out on the laptop. i find i get too distracted if i just spontaneously start writing on the laptop.

  7. I have a myriad of four writing apparatus: A laptop that I use whenever I need to be somewhere that is not my bedroom, a computer that I prefer over the laptop because of it possesses greater, more adamant abilities; or, and this one I cannot do without: a notebook and pen. Because longhand writing is the most flowing of all. I also possess a typewriter, but the keys stick, so…

  8. I used to write all on paper, but I wound up with boxes and boxes of dead tree carcasses all over my house, and it was awkward. It was also too easy to distract myself. Now I make notes and collect ideas with Evernote, do the outline, structure, and editing in yWrite, and the actual writing in ZenWriter, which is an amazing, amazing thing for anyone with attention issues. Now I can’t lose or damage dozens of boxes of paper, and I don’t have to carry and store it all again when I move.

  9. I like both. I always have pen and paper, but I find when I start typing, the thoughts tend to flow. I suppose it tends on my mood, and if my computer is free.

  10. I usually write on my laptop because it’s portable and I can type faster than I can write, but I do love the feel of a pencil on paper (and the feel of writing in cursive). My favorite writing implement is probably my fountain pen. It makes me feel like Jane Austen… (heh, heh)

  11. I love writing on paper for the sheer authenticity of the action but I also like how convenient writing on the computer is but my eyes can’t take staring at the screen for too long. If there was a way to write without wasting paper and without the glare of a computer screen I’d be very happy.

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