Brandon Sanderson Contest [INFO]

Hey Figs,

We apologize for the confusion regarding the Brandon Sanderson contest and voting period! Please let us know if you have any additional questions, however, we will be explaining the rest of the contest period in detail to help with any of your concerns.

The entry period for the Brandon Sanderson contest has ended (Dec. 5th). However, the voting process is still going strong and will do so until December 19th so be sure to reach out to your friends to get those hearts up! Everyone still has a chance to get into the top 10!

On December 20th, Brandon Sanderson will be given the top 10 story links and will be working to pick his top 5 favorites out of that list. Please be advised the date of the actual chat may still vary depending on Brandon’s schedule and when he’s able to carefully read over each of the 10 finalists stories.

Once Brandon’s top 5 has been chosen, we will be coming back to you, the Figment community, to pick the grand prize winner out of those five!

Again, we apologize for any confusions and wish each and every one of you the best of luck!

– The Figment Team

36 thoughts on “Brandon Sanderson Contest [INFO]

  1. What.

    Not even.

    That’s just great. A whole ‘nother 9 days to screw everybody’s lives over, almost straight into freakin’ Christmas.

    Figment’s not worth this crap. This is stringing everyone along.

    First you tell us the entry period would close on November 26th (although it said the 30th in the full rules). Then, on November 24th, you move the deadline to the 5th of December–both the entry and the hearting period, as you told Isabel–without warning and without explanation until the new deadline was up or almost up. Then, when that rolls around, you put up a voting booth on the people whom you declared the top ten semi-finalists but then you take it down two days later and announce that the entry/hearting period has been moved AGAIN, and that the currently-top-ten need to suck it up and continue swapping? We’ve already bloody won.

    This is . . . bullcrap. This has got to be the worst, most unprofessional contest I have ever heard of/participated in.

    Why should anyone participate in a Figment contest if this is going to be Figment’s behavior towards contests? I certainly know I’m never going to again, and I’m quitting this one now. Being screwed over three times is enough.

    Not only all of that, I still haven’t received a response to any of my complaints. Perhaps I seem too angry and mad, but it’s further frustrating and irritating to see that other people have gotten emails in return, but I have not. Am I not a “valued Figment member” as well?

    It’s not an unjustified rage.

    It may mean throwing away two months of work, but I’m not going to spend my winter break trying to win a shady contest. Someone else can have my spot, because I am sick and tired of this site.

    At this point, I’m not even willing to bet that the prizes will be the same. What’s to say that Figment won’t change something else about the contest?

    I’m just going to email Sanderson and be done with it, since Figment clearly does not care about its user base, despite claims to the opposite. Otherwise, this would have been cleared up half a month ago.

    Thanks, Figment. Thanks a lot.

    P.S. “Please be adviced the date” should be “Please be advised the date”.

    • “entry/hearting”

      Correction: Ah, the entry period HAS ended, but you still repeatedly said that it was ALSO the hearting period(which was further backed up by the voting poll on the top-ten semifinalists), so, in effect, we were still lied to.

    • Hi Mars! We’re so sorry for the inconvenience during the contest period and now voting period. We can assure you that although the entry period has ended on December 5th, users are still able to heart / gain hearts until the night of December 19th. We needed to change our initial deadlines due to time constraints with our guest author. I’m sure you can understand. Thanks so much for your continued patience and effort in gaining new reads and hearts. We wish you and your fellow Figgies the best of luck in the contest! Please feel free to reach out to if you have any additional questions/suggestions and thanks so much again for posting your feedback! – Rebekah

      • Yes . . . I saw that people are able to still heart but the entry period has been extended . . . hence the correction of myself.

        I can understand one mistake. Perhaps even two. But three times . . .

        1. The deadline for entry was changed (two days before the original, without notice). This is reasonable, of course; I don’t expect everyone to hold completely to a schedule if they have something of bigger priority come up. However, Figment didn’t explain this for quite a while, which you should have done as soon as you found out about the schedule change.

        2. You told things to contestants that apparently weren’t and aren’t true: “Rest assured all of your hearts have been counting since the beginning of the contest and will continue to count until December 5th at 11:59pm ET.

        To better explain, once this initial voting / entry period is over – the top 10 hearted stories will be placed on a separate voting platforms so the heart totals now won’t be making a difference then” (direct quote from a response to Isabel Filippone).

        You told her the initial hearting period was ending on December 5th, which, until you took down the polls, seemed true and pacified us long enough for you to pull another stunt. We have been lied to repeatedly. You have ‘assured’ people in the past that what you are saying is the truth, but then do something different from what you have said.

        3. Figment declared winners. You declared winners and then took the voting polls down and told the winners they have to continue to fight to maintain their positions.

        I have no continued patience, hence the “I quit,” which may make me the less-mature party, but I don’t think so in this scenario because I’m not the only one fed-up. I am tired of being assured of things that are subject to change without notice.

        I’m just . . . done. This is sickening.


        • Another correction of myself. I can’t seem to type that phrase right. I meant “but the entry period has been closed,” not “but the entry period has been extended.”

  2. I should just take my entry out if it’s heart based-and I’m speaking for hundreds of figment users who entered but don’t have time to beg people to heart their story, or don’t have a hundred thousand followers. It’s a shame that such a great contest turned into a popularity contest, because I’d rather spend time writing than bribing and begging for hearts.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Anynonomus! We will be working on more formats for contests in the future. Thanks for your patience while finishing this one out and best of luck!

  3. Let me tell you a story.

    A few months ago I got on Figment for the first time in at least a year. I saw what I perceived to be a miraculous thing, a Brandon Sanderson contest. As he was my favorite author, I immediately wrote my story and joined it.

    A few weeks later I found out it was a heart contest. No big deal, I had a bit of time on my hands. I can make it work, I thought. And so, I began trading my time and soul with every swap I requested. I got into the top ten, a week before the deadline, because I worked my butt off to get there.

    Guess what happens.

    That’s right, the deadline got moved to nine days after it was suppose to end. I got pretty mad, not going to lie. But once again, I calmly decided I should be able to keep my spot for those nine extra days.

    Then that deadline rolls around, and there’s this other thing that has popped up, that its only the entry deadline. That means I can still be kicked out of top ten for another nine days, as Figment failed to mention this until five days after the contest was suppose to have ended.

    Their excuse being that Sanderson doesn’t have time to read the entries, which I completely understand. That does not mean that they should let the people who have already won fight for their continued spot.

    ‘Everyone still has a chance to get into the top 10!’ Puh-lease. If they had wanted it bad enough, they would have fought for it the first time around, or even the second. Like I did.

    You know that one saying: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice, shame on me, I am a fool.

    And that is exactly how I feel. Time and time again I put my trust in the so called ‘justice’ system of Figment’s contests.

    I’m over it.

    I’m not going to fight for my spot. I’m not going to enter any more contests. And I’m not going to ever come back to Figment. I’m over being the fool just because of your “mistakes”. There was no “confusion” on our part, just yours, it appears.

    How many people is the Figment community willing to lose over a heart based contest? For it surely will not just be me.

  4. I have only a couple of peeves about this contest.

    One: I would have liked to have know from the beginning that this was heart based contest. Is too hard to specifically state it in black and white? If it was stated directly that the top ten hearted were the winners, I would not have even bothered to enter. To avoid 5000 repeats of how do you win? Just clearly say contest entries are read or hearted. It will save on confusion.

    Two: please take a look at the huge discrepancies between the heart numbers. This is a big issue for us non-swappers that cannot spend hours trading hearts and reads. Many of us work and go to school and do not have the time to spare to do this. This is why there are so many complaints about heart based contests.

    This was a huge prize and a dream for any writer. But I gave up the moment I found out that the top ten were chose by hearts.

    I’m all for competition but not in the type of spirit that a heart based one creates. I would rather lose against better quality work than this mad scramble for meaningless hearts.

  5. I’ve got to say (at the risk of furthering this poor, dead horse’s suffering), that I have to agree with everyone else’s complaints. I can understand having to reschedule in order to fit in with Brandon Sanderson’s schedule. The man is obviously busy. But that’s not the real problem here, it’s simply exacerbating it. The true problem here, at the risk of sounding petty and juvenile, is that a contest with this type of prize never should have been heart-based in the first place.

    I can maybe understand relying on hearts for some of the smaller contests, but something like this shouldn’t be left up to who has the most time on their hands to convince other people to read and heart their work. The fact that this is how this contest is being handled is essentially an affront to what I believe this site is meant to stand for. Frankly, it seems to me that the most logical explanation is that heart-based contests are just utilized in an attempt to garner further activity that the site may not see if members didn’t have to scramble and batter with each other to have their work read in order to win a prize.

    Does this approach incentivize people to reach out to other community members when they might not otherwise do so? Perhaps it does. But it feels to me as though an editorial letter isn’t something that should be won because you had the most time on your hands to collect hearts. We are not promoters or agents. We are writers. As writers, we should be judged by our writing, and not our capability to collect hearts (which in the end don’t even always guarantee that the giver liked, or for that matter even read the story that they hearted).

    Perhaps my point of view is misguided on this matter. I am not above admitting that it’s possible I may be wrong. Still, I have read a fair portion of the entries in this contest. Having done so, I would like to express my opinion that some of the stories with five hearts are leaps and bounds ahead of some of the ones with two hundred. I just felt that that was something that needed to be expressed. Although, to be honest, I’ve noticed a trend towards the admins not responding to feedback which might be perceived as “negative”.

    • I totally agree with you. I haven’t been on figment that long, and this is the first contest I’ve been in. So far, I’m not liking it terribly.

      this contest is quite unfair, a lot of people who entered don’t have the time to tell people about their entry, and I have read some pretty good ones that I wish got more attention.

      I think that the admins should first pick the top ten or twenty(instead of the contestant scrambling to gain hearts) and then let everyone else vote on their favorites. I think that might help out a little.

  6. So this is the first ‘heart-based’ contest I’ve entered into, and from what I’ve seen so far this a a completely useless method of judging a contest.

    I thought this was going to be a way for people to judge each other’s work and tell how they truly feel about the work. From what I can tell though, all you have to do is spend an hour writing up something that loosely falls in line with the contest guidelines, and then spend hours and hours scouring Figment for other people to just slap a heart on your entry in an attempt to make the top ten.

    Where’s the dedication to writing a quality piece? Where’s the actual work involved on polishing the work until it shines? Oh, that’s right, the work is in spamming comments on every single profile saying ‘hey, heart mine and I’ll heart yours, but YOU go first’.

    Ya’ll need to drop these heart-based contests. Now that I can see it’s a complete waste of my time and energy to compete unless I want to spend countless hours spamming other aspiring writers, I’m not going to participate in this garbage again.

    • Hi Steven – thanks so much for your feedback. We are reading each and every comment and will be finding new methods to have voting contests in the future. Thanks!

  7. So, I’m curious, is there a way for me what these “top 10 most hearted or whatever” stories are? Or am I just supposed to approximate? Or am I missing some crucial update? I don’t know, I’d just enjoy looking.

  8. Thanks for updating us all!

    I really just entered for fun but I can understand how people are so upset being that this prize is quite simply every writers dream. I’m sorry that the response has been so negative. I know from personal experience how hard it is to run contests from my day job but I really think you guys have handled this the best way possible. I really hope you continue to work with authors such as Brandon Sanderson and Carl Hiaasen and we (us users) can support you guys to make this happen on a more frequent basis!

    That being said: I would like to contribute a new idea since you do like to hear from us! I’m part of other writing sites that do contests based on number of votes but they also have judges pick a few “wildcard” entries from people who haven’t been members as long or from the entries not in the top ten. I don’t know if you have tried anything like that but adding a “wildcard” to future contests might alleviate some people’s frustration.

    You guys are awesome!

  9. Do the hearts that we got before the entry period was over still count towards the total? Or do the hearts have to be from during the voting period?

  10. I find this contest way to competitive and deceiving. I’ve been offered many ‘deals’ on this contest, that i myself have also entered. I haven’t asked anyone to heart, for that is up to them to decide, but some people are just….heart thirsty. It’s not quite pleasant

  11. How do we know if we got into the top ten? I got a lot of hearts, and I think I might have gotten in, but no one has told me or sent me anything.

    I also have another question: Will there be more contests like this one in the near future? with a prize just as good as this one?

  12. How do we know if we’ve gotten into the top ten?

    and are there going to be any more contest with a prize like this in the near future?

    • Burning Rage is in the top 10. Congrats and good luck! Yes we would love to have more prizes like this in the future and will be revisiting new ways to have users and authors vote. Best of luck!

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