Featured Fig: S. Locksmith

Each week we will be featuring one member for their outstanding contributions to the Figment community.

This week we’re featuring S. Locksmith! Check out five of her stories along with her interview questions below!


What do you enjoy most about Figment and its community?

  • I love being able to get feedback on my stories and poems. All I get out of my real-life friends is, “It’s good.” The writerly folk here on Figment know what they’re talking about.

What is your favorite story that you have shared on Figment and why?

  • My favorite is probably “Once Upon a Junk Pile.” I loved the prompt from the Autumn Falls contest and it was a lot of fun to write because it comes from my own life.

Where do you find inspiration to write and keep writing?

  • I find inspiration in the simple parts of my every day life. Most of my poems are stuff from my life translated into fantasy. I keep writing because I get so many ideas when I think this way.

What is the last book that you read?

  • I just reread Things We Couldn’t Say by Diet Eman, which is the autobiography of a member of the Dutch resistance in World War II. It makes me wish I could be as brave as Diet.

Do you have any advice for other Figgies looking to improve their writing?

  • Keep writing stuff, even if it’s bad. Never stop exercising the writing muscle. As Nora Roberts said, “You can fix anything but a blank page.”

Congratulations again, and thank you for sharing your talent, inspiration and advice with us! Be sure to check out some of her work below.

Congratulations again, S. Locksmith!

Let us know who you think should be our next Featured Fig!

– The Figment Team

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