Brandon Sanderson Chat [1/19/15]


We have officially confirmed a date for the Brandon Sanderson chat on Figment!

Join us January 19th at 8:00pm EST to find out Brandon’s top 5 favorites from the #BrandonSanderson contest! Who was yours?

– The Figment Team

14 thoughts on “Brandon Sanderson Chat [1/19/15]

  1. well isn’t that swell. i didn’t win cuz im not that popular and we’ll finally find out the 5 people who lured enough figment users to heart their story, not really caring about the quality of their story but mostly about the hearts they get.

    • Please do not be harsh.
      Or may as we’ll be as shallow as a marsh
      Does it matter about the hearts?
      Of course not; this is usually how fame starts
      I’m truly sorry you didn’t win
      But you can surely try again!!!!!!!

    • I do think that you need to take into sight that this was a heart based contest, the only way to win those is by getting hearts. Please do not ruin the fun for others just because you did not take the time to earn lots of hearts

  2. Isn’t it funny how they call the people who “won” “Top 10 finalists”? They need to call them “The winners who are good at bribing and begging, but who knows if they are good at writing?”. And it’s not like this is even a normal contest, it has a grand prize editorial letter. Every Figgie wants that. And now over hundreds of them have no chance. Because Figment was too lazy to do the judging fairly, and they turned to the old “well your more popular, so whatever” method. I read a few stories that should win by a landslide. Some stories that were crafted with talent and pure skill and beautiful writing. But these stories didn’t have five hundred hearts. Some of the lead stories were nothing compared to the little, lesser known stories. Isn’t it sad that only people pressing a thousand followers and have hours to go around blowing up peoples pages with “heart my story!” “my story needs more hearts! Help me succeed!”. It’s not even professional, its downright pathetic. It’s like Instagram and Facebook came to Figment to judge. Sure you may say “It’s only one contest, there will be more!” and “we’re working towards better methods!” but how many contests do you hast with an official editorial letter at stake? And in one of the most popular contests, and the one that yields great rewards, you choose to get lazy and let how many followers you have decide the winner?! Are you kidding me!? And I’m not saying this just because I want my entry to win, if it did win great, if it didn’t, oh well, at least I would’ve known it was judged fairly! I’m speaking because I know that there are hundreds of Figgie’s who wanted a shot, but didn’t get one because the popular ones dominated the contest immediately, turning this into a fight for the “Crown of Followers”. Smooth move Figment, next time I’ll be sure to bring my fancy pen and designer boots to your next popularity contest over an editorial letter or publishing chance.

  3. Excuse me, anyone, anybody, can anyone tell me how i compete in this contest? Do i just write now and just tag that this is for this contest or what? Or am i supposed to go to some link first and through this link, find the link to submit my story or what? Maybe this was at a certain time that had an expiration date to when this link would close or as i said, or is it just anytime before this man appears January to chat, a day after they sought all of the tags that had ‘for this contest’ highlighted in it? Or even maybe just originally writing still has some expiration period as there is someone i would have to post it to or inform before it ends? I want to compete and im definitely new as this is my 3rd day signing on to this account and i would ultimately appreciate it if someone helped me to understand how i could enter this competition as i am primarily a horror/scfi writer more than the gist of the time.

  4. I don’t think that’s what Amelia was asking. I think she meant ‘WHO’ are the ten semi-finalists? It doesn’t even bother to say

  5. I have a poem for you I hope you like it.

    Everybody boycotting this contest

    Tired of hearts equating quality

    Tired of swapping, tired of my works flopping

    Tired of hearts equating quality

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