How do you choose a new book?

9 thoughts on “How do you choose a new book?

  1. gust go to a store and look at the book or even the old way,look at the description then if that got your attenchun then read the first chapter.

    make sure it is a plays that has good books and not a small sulechow of ok ones.

  2. It’s shallow, I know, but I generally choose books based on their cover or title. If a book has a good cover, I’ll read the inside flap. If it has an interesting title, I might read the first chapter. Occasionally, I choose books that are written by my favorite authors even if I don’t think they’ll be very good. Honestly, most of my book choices are based on a fun cover and/or what’s available at my local library.

  3. I choose books by looking at all the covers, then reading the back, opeing it to the first chapter and skimming through it. And if I find it interesting or wanting to read more I’ll know its the kind of book I’d like.

  4. I usually just read the back to see if it looks good, but sometimes I’ll read my favorite authors without reading the back.

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