Do you stop reading at night when you’re tired or at chapter breaks?

27 thoughts on “Do you stop reading at night when you’re tired or at chapter breaks?

  1. Sometimes it depends though. Depending how good the book is, I will keep reading and sometimes I’m just too tired haha.

  2. I can’t stand stopping on a random page. If I’m gonna read I set aside some time to do it so I can quit at the chapter break, especially with books with long chapters.

  3. I usually stop reading at night when I physically cannot keep reading because the letters are too blurred together and moving across the page.

  4. I use reading to get when my Insomnia is really bad, it calms me down xD and sometimes I try to make it to chapter breaks, but then the cliff hanger makes me read more!

  5. I either stop at the chapter, which is commonly what I do, or I wait until a date change. Those book were as you go they say and on Saturday…I will stop at those paragraphs. Though I have passed out while reading many times.

  6. I fight with this issue over and over I stop reading at chapter breaks and when I am really into a book I will not stop until it is finished.

  7. Where is the ‘Stop reading? I’m just getting to the climax” option. Because sometimes either an overnighter or finishing that night are necessary…

  8. Yes, all the time! I can’t stand being groggy in the morning so if I get tired at a chapter break then it’s definite.

  9. I usually read at chapter breaks,but if I get tired I fall asleep with my book and wake up in the morning with it in my arms like a stuffed animal. 🙂

  10. I usually try to make it to chapter breaks but if I’m tired, I’ll fall asleep with the book in my hand and then I’ll wake up again and start reading almost like I didn’t stop and I don’t usually remember me falling asleep until I read the same sentence/paragraph again.

  11. That depends whether I’m being forced out of the book by a parental guardian, or if it’s of my own free will. Then it depends on how far away a chapter break is… =.=

  12. When I am by the middle of the a book and I read in the evening I can only stop reading when I reach the end.
    Sometimes I stop earlier, if that happens it’s ALWAYS on a chapter break.

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