How do you organize your book collection?

13 thoughts on “How do you organize your book collection?

  1. I organize my books in series. I have the vampire academy series together, then the bloodlines series (Both by Richelle Mead) and then of course the house of night series (by PC & Kristen Cast) together. But I also only have one book shelve so I put the bloodlines in the beginning, then the house of night, then the vampire academy because there are 5 books in the bloodlines, 17 books in the house of night series (including novellas), and 6 books in the vampire academy series. Maybe it’s OCD or maybe it just looks balanced to me? lol

  2. In alphabetical order by author surname. If I come across a series, I put the series in series order. But I only do that once the bookcase/bookshelf is full or mostly full.

  3. I organize my books i several different ways. I start with genre, auther name, then series, then hard back or paper.It helps me find m books quicker.

  4. I organize my books at home in more or less the same way it’s done in libraries. I was one of the school librarians as a child, and got the Dewey Decimal system practically drilled into my head. Old habits die hard, I guess xD

  5. Basically I just organize my books by their series size. Like the Fablehaven series is five books so they go first, then the Eragon series which is four books, Darkest Powers which is three books, then so on and so fourth till I get to the single book series which are organized by title alphabetically.

  6. Non-fiction: Historical period or area/civilization, then topic, then size.
    Fiction: Language (English, French, German, Greek, other), Read/Not read yet, genre (Classics, Historical, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, other), size, colour.

    Yeah, I guess my OCD shows even on my book shelves…

  7. I start with fiction at the top, then non-fiction, and reference at the bottom of my shelf. My favorite series go first in fiction, then on to the series I’m not as partial to. As for non-fiction and reference, I follow the Dewey system.

  8. I’m a size person. I have the largest books on the shelf first then the smallest on the other side. They meet in the middle. I also organize them by author as I like their books together. Especially when said books are a part of a series.

  9. I think I often organize books by size, or sometimes random put them in bookself, by genre (comic, novel…), or by author if I bought a book series, by read/unread put them in bookshelf or closet… many ways.

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