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There are five days left before Brandon Sanderson sits down to have a live chat with us!

Not only will we be finding out who his top five picks are from the Brandon Sanderson writing contest – but we will also be hearing his answers to some of YOUR questions!

In the comment section below, start submitting your questions to him now and check back on January 19th at 8:00pm EST to see if yours will be answered live!

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50 thoughts on “Submit your questions for Brandon Sanderson here!

  1. Hi Brandon 🙂 The Mistborn novels are set in such an amazing and complex world. The reason I write fantasy is to have the ability to create places like that, but there are so many small details that go into it. I was wondering what your process was for keeping all of these things straight? Do you keep a journal, or just remember it all or what? Thanks!

  2. How do you get the inspiration to keep writing if you get stuck or it might sound boring and first – and how do you fix that part to make it interesting all the way through?

  3. One other question. Do you have any suggestions for approaching your writing as a reader for editing as opposed to the author? What I mean by that is when I read through my story, it’s hard for me to tell what’s confusing and what’s missing because I know what it’s supposed to “look” like. What I don’t know is if my readers do.

  4. 1)Do you have a specific way of writing? like summarizing the main events in a story first and then writing the details or do you just start writing?

    2)Do you think that there will be a movie adaption for ‘Steelheart’?

    3)What do you think makes a good writer?

    4)Do you have another job besides being an author? Or did you have a job before you became one?

    5)I read ‘Steelheart’ and just got my hands on ‘Firefight’, loving it so far!

  5. I just wanted to know how you feel about all of this attention. Does it make you feel proud? Embarassed? Something else?

    Who is your favorite author and why?

    What’s your favorite book and why?

    Thanks!!! 🙂

  6. Did you start out your writing career by submitting fiction to magazines and writing contests on the internet or did you write your novels and seek a editor and publisher right away?

  7. Hey! So, I’ve attended several of your presentations and my friend actually job-shadowed you a few years ago because apparently you know her grandma. Anyway XD I never did get my questions answered then, so I figured I’d ask now.

    What inspired your Alcatraz books and their immense fetish for strangeness and randomness?

    Who is your personal favorite author?

    What advice do you have for people who are just starting to get more serious about their own writing?

    Do you ever draw on your own experiences for books? If so, any examples?

    What do you think makes for a good story?

    Thank you for your time. Can’t wait to read the live chat!

  8. Question (not for the chat): Are we allowed to ask questions about things other than writing? Questions about specific things from specific books?

  9. Hello, Brightlord Sanderson. Since I can’t see you on the Firefight tour, I figured I’d ask some questions about writing and some of the questions I would’ve asked you there. The writing stuff is at the bottom.

    Warbreaker question: Can one give the command “Divide and (do thing X)? How many breaths would that take to do to something like a straw mannequin? How small could you get the pieces? Could you retrieve the breath afterwards?

    Mistborn Question: Can a Kandra consume living matter? Shardblade-dead matter? Lifeless? Awakened swords?

    Cosmere question(s): When/why did you decide to write most of your books into a single universe, with interconnected story threads and a set of overarching rules? Did you realize it would become what it is today?

    general writerly question: So you have Herdazians, who are based off of Hispanics, and a bunch of other races taking influences from various other cultures. You also have Renarin, who has some degree of autism, and various other minorities in your books. I salute you for that. How do you learn about how to write these types of people?
    Do you feel that literature is lacking in representation?

    One more question: When writing your magic systems, is your first thought towards what kinds of crazy things can be done with them? Or do you think more about the mundane uses?

  10. I tend to write in spurts, a little here and a little there, so it takes a long time to get anything done. Have you ever had to combat that, where you just don’t feel like writing anything?

  11. How did you structure your plotline to make the stories coincide at the end? How did you come up with the history of each world? Ex-Voidbringers and the Radiants

  12. How do you handle the little details of worldbuilding? Not getting bogged down by the sheer history you build?

    Alternately, what advice would you give a novelist terrified of not being able to write/finish their series?

  13. 1) Which method do you think is better for getting published: e-books or good ol’ fashioned publishing?
    2) How did you realize that you wanted to be a professional writer?
    3) Do you read your books after they get published? Because I’ve always heard that writers shouldn’t do that because you’ll notice mistakes that you missed during the editing process. Has that ever happened to you?

  14. After reading many fantasy genre books and the many new worlds they each bring with them, I have always been amazed by the uniqueness and thoroughness of their worlds. How does an author even begins to shape the world in which their stories takes place? What inspirations have helped you to form the worlds that surround your stories?

  15. I love the Stormlight Archive. When is the third book coming out? I’m excited to read it!

    Also, some questions:
    1) How did you develop the universe that all of your novels take place in (Mistborn, Stormlight Archives, Warbreaker, Elantris)? What prompted it to the level of complexity you brought it to?

    2) What are some techniques you use to overcome writer blocks and get over plot holes?

    3) Do you have any particular rules for grammar and style that you employ (i.e. Stephen King recommends not using adverbs)?

    4) How much time do you dedicate to writing every day? Do you work on one story or several different ideas at once? What is your favorite time of day to write?

    Thank you. Looking forward to hearing you speak.

  16. Hello Mr sanderson, im a big fan so I was wondering if you would tell us what your new novella Perfect State is about.

  17. Hello! I was wondering a few things…

    1.) When you first got involved with publishing your work, how did you find an agent/publisher?
    2.) When looking to be published, would you advise getting an agent? Or does it not matter?
    3.) Do you have any advice in general about getting published?


  18. Hi
    If you could be any character and go anywhere in your fictional worlds,
    Who would you be?
    Where would you live?
    I love your books!

  19. I have a few questions I’ve always wanted to know.

    What is your favorite part about writing a book?

    What is the hardest part about writing a new world?

    Where do you draw your information from?

    I love your Stormlight Archive books, I’ve got the second one just now. The way you created the world entirely new is amazing, though it’s not the first time you’ve done it. Mistborn, Elantris, they’re all so unique and amazing.

  20. What would you say are the key differences between writing a novel and writing a novella? What are your main strategies when tackling a novel?

  21. Do you believe that in order to write a life-changing novel you need to have that life-changing moment where the idea for a story just hits you? Or can you sit down with a notebook or computer and thread the fabric of a life-changing novel?

  22. Of all the famous and great authors like you, who was the author had inspired you most to continue writing your books?

  23. How old were you when you stared writing? What would you define your writing style as, and how do you begin your process of writing? Hence, what IS your writing process? While writing your first draft, do you believe in editing along the way? Do you feel writing is boring, languid, and tedious—or do you love it no matter what?

  24. Do you think a Non-native English speaker could write a book in fantasy Genre?
    my native language is Farsi and it is very unlikely that i could publish a story with mythological setting due to religious censorship.

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