Did you miss Brandon Sanderson’s chat? Watch it here!

If you were unable to attend the LIVE chat with Brandon Sanderson at 8pm ET Monday evening or you simply want to check it out again, you’re in luck!


Brandon spent over 1.5 hours with us on Monday evening not only announcing his five favorite stories from the Brandon Sanderson contest, but he also answered MANY questions from you guys and sharing some of his best reading and writing advice.

Check out some of our favorite quotes from his chat last night along with the video! What were your favorite quotes?

  • “Nothing will train you to write better as a writer, than working on your next book.”
  • “Doing a few things well is better than trying to do everything at once and not having it work.”
  • “Remember that your job as a practicing writer is to remember it’s never going to be perfect on your first pass.”
  • “You’ll never learn how to do your endings until you FINISH your endings.”
  • “My first draft is a straight write-through.Very little editing.It’s important for me to maintain momentum on a story.”
  • “Someone told me that your first few books are usually terrible. For me this was the best advice.”
  • “The number 1 thing that I don’t want to see in a story is when characters exist simply to be proven wrong.”
  • “Write down criticism immediately and set it aside.Don’t let it dominate your thoughts.Come back to it a few months later.”
  • [Brandon’s opinion on dealing with writer’s block.] “Write anyway. Write something poor. Write something where ninjas attack. Don’t let yourself stop writing.”
  • “It is very important to be reading as well as writing. A doctor is not going to ignore new surgery practices.”
  • “Start writing the things that you are reading or that you want to be published doing.”
  • “Writing books is a little bit like telepathy. I write it down on paper and it appears in your head. It is amazing and cool.”
  • [Will publishers take on a teen writer?] “If you write well, they will want to take a chance on you.”
  • “I’m an outliner. This means I will sit and outline a plot but I DO allow characters to have veto power over a plot.”
  • “My outlines are always very goal-based. What do I want to have happen by the ending and how can I earn that.”
  • “Every person will add different, interesting things to their writing.Extroverts can add things as much as introverts.”
  • “I think my expectations are high enough of a bar that I think trying to meet those of everyone else would be counter productive.”

– The Figment Team

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