How do you create/update your Figment stories?

14 thoughts on “How do you create/update your Figment stories?

  1. Whoa. Me and another person are the only ones who write them out by hand and then post them on Figment. O.O

    Like, how do other people edit their stories if they don’t write them out and use a myriad of colored fine-point Sharpies to butcher their works until the pieces of writing are all prim and polished?? And what happens if you don’t have access to electronics or power?? Am I living in the Stone Age of writing??? :O

    • I did say that I do it all on the computer, but that’s only a half-truth. I have both word and notebooks I write on. For editing, I have a printer, a full box of red pens, highlighters (of several colors), and post it tabs. I find the mixture works really well for me.

      • I start out on my computer. If I get an idea I write out a story description and the entire story line and write character descriptions and profiles… and a lot of the time a prologue. Then I write out the entire book on Figment. It’s half and half for me. You seem very organized though. If my laptop didn’t refuse to connect to our printer I would try it your way for awhile. You’re probably gonna get published before me.

    • Hahaha no, you aren’t living in the stone age of writing. You just have more patience than everyone else, and if the electricity is out you’ll be more prepared.

    • It’s true that I picked doing it all on the computer, and that’s the truth! But I don’t blame you for handwriting, edit and then posting it. After all, it’s sorta easier and you’llc make less mistakes.

  2. I used to do it all on Fig, but I don’t trust it, after I finished a four page chapter only to accidentally hit the refresh button in the morning. Google Drive saves it for my every time I make a single edit. Fig only does that, after I save the draft.

    That was before I got a new computer, which just flat out hates Fig and won’t let me post on here. Now I have to get on the family computer to post anything.

  3. I personally write mine by hand first. After I have it exactly how I want it, I then type it on wattpad. When I’m finally finished with that I copy it and paste it to figment. LOL 🙂

  4. No net at home. Limited time at the library. Horrible handwriting. It’s a laptop, a text editor and copy/paste for me.

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