Brandon Sanderson Winner: William Carter!


Join us today in congratulating William Carter, our grand prize winner of the Brandon Sanderson contest!

Check out William’s winning entry and let him know what you think:

After over 400 hearts on Figment and nearly 300 unique votes from the community, William has won!

Congratulations to ALL of the entries, the top 10 and top 5 finalists from the contest. As always, we are very proud of our talented Figment community!

Let us know in the comments what types of contests and prizes you would like to see in the future!

– The Figment Team

5 thoughts on “Brandon Sanderson Winner: William Carter!

  1. How about a contest with the same kind of prize, only after the deadline, the judges of the contest pick the top ten(or 20) and then let the users vote on the best?

  2. Quick question – how long does the judging normally take? I keep waiting to hear something about the Winter Writing contest but it’s been quite a while.

    • Hi Amelia! We normally announce winners first in our Newsletter which is what we have done with this contest. We’ll be posting them on Figment soon!

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