Featured Fig: Adelyn

Each week we will be featuring one member for their outstanding contributions to the Figment community.

This week we’re featuring Adelyn! Check out five of her stories along with her interview questions below!


What do you enjoy most about Figment and its community?

  • What’s not to enjoy? I’ve never seen a writing community quite so dedicated to their craft and constantly improving. I have met some seriously amazing writers who have helped me become a better writer with their honest and astute feedback. This is also a great community to read the works of rising stars whose stories constantly amaze me. I find everyone here so creative and inspirational, and in turn, wanting to better myself just to keep up! You can find so many people pushing the limits of both poetry and prose on here for the simple love of the english language.

What is your favorite story that you have shared on Figment and why?

  • Probably “The Prince’s Guide to True Love’s Kiss”. This story has been a passion project for me, and a learning experience from the very start. It’s a story that taps into the fairytales I loved as a child and is everything I’ve always wanted to write. It is adventure-meets-romance-meets-fantasy that takes elements of fairytales, like reversals of fortune and magic, and marries them with original characters to create an all new fairytale. I love all my stories, but this one has been so much fun to write and will always have a special place in my heart.

Where do you find inspiration to write and keep writing?

  • I was a film buff and quite artistic (read “liked to doodle on her notes in class”) long before I ever started writing. I’m stimulated with visuals; be it a great classic film, or an awesome image on Pinterest, it’s usually a picture that evokes a feeling, which sparks an idea for a story I want to write. The lapse violinist and singer in me also loves music, so before I start writing anything, I have to find a song, or playlist to set the mood. I keep writing mainly because I have to. My head is full of more stories than I have time to write but I am no exception to the occasional writers block. When the block comes, it usually means I’m burnt out. I’ll hit the refresh button by free writing on any shiny, new project I want to and that usually gets my creativity flowing again.

What is the last book that you read?

  • I read “All The Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. It was a book on my TBR list for a long time. It had a lot of hype from the literati, which usually turns me off because I hate having inflated expectations of books, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and I am so glad I did. The writing was absolutely beautiful and that man really knows how to work a metaphor. I would highly recommend it to writers who like playing with prose!

Do you have any advice for other Figgies looking to improve their writing?

  • Never stop learning. Everyone starts somewhere and writing is HARD! It takes time and practice, so don’t give up. Ask for advice and rewrite, then rewrite again. Read everything you can get your hands on! Read writers you admire. Read works of non-fiction. You never know where you are going to find inspiration. Most importantly, go outside and start observing! As writer we have an amazing gift of studying and sharing the experiences of being human. Take the time to step away from the computer and experience life. It’s these experiences and interactions with new and interesting people that will shape your characters and your stories!

Congratulations again and thank you for sharing your talent, inspiration and advice with us! Be sure to check out some of her work below.

Congratulations again!

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