Do you prefer to smell old or new books?

28 thoughts on “Do you prefer to smell old or new books?

  1. Old. Without question. One of my favorite smells, actually! I have a couple of Nancy Drew books printed in the 40’s and they have the best old-book smell.

    • Have you ever smelled a Websters dictionary? I always thought they smelled like elementary school, until I realized they just smelled like Elmers Glue!

  2. On the “either” option “smell” is missing an L. Hahaha this site must be full of grammar police! Thanks so much, I love these polls. 🙂

  3. I don’t really have a sense of smell, so I had to go with neither. Books don’t seem like something that would really have a smell.

  4. I love the smell of the older books because if you think about it, the book was probably passed down from person to person until it came to you. The book itself is a piece of history so why not absorb the past?

  5. I love the smell of books. Period. I learned that one day when my friend hit me in the face with a book when we were fighting, and it smelled like paper, only not, and for some reason when I think about it while reading, I sniff my book. 😛

  6. NEW!! me and my mom both LOVE the smell of new books when ever we get a new book we always just end up smelling it!!!:)

  7. Both.

    I don’t care what the book is, it always smells amazing.

    although, the smell of new books is so refreshing.

    Every time I get a new book, I smell it.

    My family thinks I am crazy..

    By the way, on the “either” selection, “Smell” Is missing an “L”

    Just so you know.

  8. I thought I was just weird. This is actually a thing! Okay well I suppose I prefer the smell of old books as long as they are kept in good condition.

  9. Before I buy a book, I always smell it. Right there in the bookstore. There’s a particular type of smell from the pages that I absolutely know it will be a good read..

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