If you had one day left to live, what would you do?


26 thoughts on “If you had one day left to live, what would you do?

  1. Is there an option that says:
    -try to cheat death
    -sincerely repent of all my sins
    -spend all my money really fast
    Cuz I would probably do these.

  2. i got a free copy of this book (Denton Little’s Death Date) at a local bookstore (it is a pretty hipster store) because it was a “blind date with a book” a few months before it’s official release i had no idea it was so popular…..:)

  3. EAT EVERYTHING. Spend the whole day in my sweater and sweats. Do all of the illegal things I have wanted to do but never did. Tell loved ones how much they mean to me. Celebrate my last days on Earth and get excited for my new adventure.

  4. All of them…

    Besides work.

    Things like sky diving, bungee jumping, and scuba diving are all on my bucket list.

    And I already wrote a book, just yesterday, actually…

    But I would write another.

  5. I would just live life like nothings wrong and be nice and say im sorry to everyone and give all my money and stuff away

  6. I would keep it a secret, skip school, take the train to Hogwarts, arrive at gryffindor house and probably find someone with an invisibility cloak (maybe Albus Severus Potter) and ask to borrow it for a while.

  7. I would

    – binge watch Doctor Who
    – read
    – write
    – donate all my money to animal shelters so they can stop putting on those depressing commercials/spend some of it on candy
    – do something insane
    – cry
    – run around the place screaming, “YOLO!!!”, because it’s fun to say
    – tell everyone I love so
    – DOCTOR WHO. I cannot stress that enough
    – waste everyone’s time by saying crazy and useless things

  8. Will spend whole time with my family and try out the most adventurous and rash things which i always feared and watch my fav series read a lot of books and irritate my enemies and say everything out loud which comes in my mind

  9. i would accept death and breath my life….till the last moment.

    i’ll open up my feelings to the people i have feelings (you know :P)
    i’ll tell my family that I write poems on a writing blog
    i’ll ask them to publish all my works and send a copy to all my friends
    i’ll give the list of friends of mine who should be invited for my funeral compulsory
    i’ll probably try to fall in love with someone (i have to at least know what’s it’s like to be in love!!)
    i want my last day to be like a date….full of life!
    i want to see my online friends on skype (if it’s possible)
    i want to burn my secret dairy
    i want to laugh

    i guess that’s enough for now!! 😀

  10. I would most likely spend my last day with my best friend and my mom(aka; my second best friend) I would probably binge on my favorite foods and watch my favorite movies and shows. I would spend my last day doing what I enjoy with the most important people in my life.

  11. I would want to do pretty much all of these! I chose scuba diving though because I love the water and it would be nice to connect with the earth and what I love before I died

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