Featured Fig: Abby A.!

Each week we will be featuring one member for their outstanding contributions to the Figment community.

This week we’re featuring Abby A.! Check out five of her stories along with her interview answers below!


What do you enjoy most about Figment and its community?

  • I love how encouraging people are. It’s really great to have a community of people who are striving for the same thing and understand the ups and downs of writing. I have grown so much as a writer because people have given me great advice on how to improve.

What is your favorite story that you have shared on Figment and why?

  • I believe it would be What They Really Say, because it is something different. I listen to music and write what I kind of interpret from it. People have commented about how they’ve never looked at a certain song to have this meaning. I think there are many layers of interpretation in music and the lyrics. It opened my eyes to not look at the surface, but really analysis it.

Where do you find inspiration to write and keep writing?

  • Music gives me inspiration, my love for reading gives me inspiration to write so I have something to read. My growing imagination forces me to write down those thoughts and give it substance. When I am stuck, I also pray to God for ideas and motivation to go write. Writing is a lot of fun. Being able to create your own world is magical. I write for myself and don’t allow other people’s opinions to override my imagination.

What is the last book that you read?

  • The last book I read was Gone Too Far by Natalie D. Richards.

Do you have any advice for other Figgies looking to improve their writing?

  • Always believe in yourself and your writing, but also be open to criticism. You shouldn’t restart your whole novel just because someone says so, but instead read what they say and then formulate an opinion of your own. At the end of the day, it’s your masterpiece. You have a say in how the story goes. Never allow someone to bring you down or make you feel dumb about something you wrote. Allow your characters to write the story. Do not plan out every single detail of your book. An outline is a great way to have an idea of where the story is going. Just make sure you are having fun writing! Being a writer is an amazing journey that never has to end.

Congratulations again and thank you for sharing your talent, inspiration and advice with us! Be sure to check out some of their work below.

Congratulations again!

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