March Match-up 2016 GRAND PRIZE WINNER


march round 5

We asked all of you to create a story that included the line, “It really isn’t normal to have to be plugged into a wall charger at night.”

It was down to our two finalists, Eastlyn Ullmann and Lyndsay Brown! Both girls did an excellent job creating a story directed around the prompt in such a creative way it took us multiple reads of both stories to finally come up with a grand prize winner.

Congrats to the author of Aurora Borealis, Eastlyn Ullmann for being our grand prize winner! We loved reading your story about Aurora and look forward to seeing more from you in the future, Eastlyn. Congratulations!

Check out the winning entry below and let her know what you think!

– The Figment Team

3 thoughts on “March Match-up 2016 GRAND PRIZE WINNER

  1. it was a great story you wrote there i started to cry at the end and i can read fast and understand your book great job because i was looking
    for a book that i could read fast and understand and that is just fantastic

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