Featured Fig: Irene Grey

Each week we will be featuring one member for their outstanding contributions to the Figment community.

This week we’re featuring Irene Grey! Check out five of their stories along with their interview answers below!

What do you enjoy most about Figment and its community?

  • My favorite thing about Figment is all of the beautiful people I have
    met and get to interact with on a daily basis. This site is just
    bursting with the kindest, sweetest people, and it’s such a joy to
    have had the opportunity and blessing to meet them, interact with
    them, and befriend them. I met perhaps my best friend here on Figment,
    and have made so many others – people I hold quite dear. Figment is
    different from other writing platforms in that the community is more
    close knit. We’re like a big, crazy, kinda weird Fig family. We fight,
    we argue, we laugh, we chat, and we WRITE. Together. And that’s what
    makes Figment so beautiful.

What is your favorite story that you have shared on Figment and why?

  • My favorite story I’ve shared on Figment is “To Rise or be Struck
    Down”, simply because it’s my baby. Don’t laugh. I started this book
    when I was fourteen (nearly four years ago!), and it has changed,
    grown, and matured with me. This book has been my brain child. It
    stemmed from a dream, and I have done nothing but mull over plot,
    character, and scene – even my dreams are about my book! I often fall
    asleep at night plotting and planning and scheming, and in short, this
    book is so far the greatest project of my writing life. It’s my
    favorite because it’s the one that I’ve poured my time, effort, and
    love into the most.

Where do you find inspiration to write and keep writing?

  • I find ideas and inspiration from many different places, but I have
    come up with all my best ideas when my mind is wandering – either
    during the day, in that half-asleep/half-awake state, or in my dreams.
    I also find a lot of inspiration from photography, art, and nature,
    though, so I spend a lot of time on tumblr and Pinterest and taking
    nature walks – the world is full of inspiration, if you just open your
    eyes, put away the phone, and look around!

What is the last book that you read?

  • I just finished reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe,
    and my oh my were there tears. If you’ve never read the book, read it
    now. If you have read the book, read it again. This was my second time
    reading it, and the heartbreaking story of slavery and freedom will
    never get old – I shall read it again and again, and all my children
    will read this book.

Do you have any advice for other Figgies looking to improve their writing?

  • The best advice I can give to other Figgies is to read. People who
    don’t read can’t write. Or at least, in my experience, write well.
    Think of the quote we have in our collection of quote art here on Fig
    – “Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river.” Why?
    Because children do not learn how to speak without seeing others speak
    and being spoken to, they do not learn to walk without being shown
    how, and as writers, we can not write (or rather, write well) without
    seeing others write, letting their ideas wash over us, and being shown
    how. There’s a fear people have that writers can’t read, because then
    they will only copy what they have read. Rubbish. Marcia Golub once
    said something to the effect that what we read washes over us, brews
    within us, and enters that great internal mixing pot of ideas, where
    it churns about and joins with other ideas – create something unique.
    So, my dear fellow Figgies, READ.

Congratulations again and thank you for sharing your talent, inspiration and advice with us! Be sure to check out some of their work below.

Congratulations again!

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