Vintage fashion + time travel

You only have one more day to enter the (quick, fun) fashion writing contest we’re hosting with PlumWillow. Go to for more details!

The Magical Contest!

You pick up an object. It’s glowing faintly. It’s made of some kind of stone – or maybe glass? The surface is cold to the touch. And when you listen hard enough, you can hear it whispering…what would happen if … Continue reading

Figment Groups

You may have noticed that there is a little bit of a gap on the top of Figment between “blog” and “my writing.” A large, expectant space. A space that is calling out to be filled by something wonderful and … Continue reading

The Horror Contest

Good things rarely lurk in the dark, let alone underground. There’s just something about basements and subterranean caves that makes us think the shadow in the corner has sharp teeth (The Descent, anyone?). Despite the possibility of a lifetime full … Continue reading

Randomness: Human Tetris

Yeah, so this has nothing to do with anything, but IT’S HUMAN TETRIS, GUYS. It’s like an already dorky thing transformed into an uber-dork I BECOME tetris meta-game thing, i.e., worth your time. In two forms, both of which are … Continue reading

Kate Christensen at Girls Write Now

In June, Kate Christensen , author of The Astral, came to read from her book at the final Girls Write Now CHAPTERS reading. Before the reading, mentee alum Tina Gao interviewed Kate, who talked about writing from the perspective of a man, … Continue reading