Winner of the Forgotten Contest!

Figs! We have a winner for the Forgotten Contest! Drumroll please . . . Out of these fantastic finalists, the winning story “Haleigh” by Fawkes! Fawkes will receive a copy of Rebecca Lim’s Mercy and a super-cool retro-robot alarm clock. Congratulations, Fawkes!

The Greek Myth Contest

Hooking up with your best friend’s boyfriend will usually result in the loss of a best friend. But what if it also earned you the rage of three ancient, bloodthirsty deities? In Fury, the new novel by Elizabeth Miles, two … Continue reading

The American Boy Contest

In American Boy (which you can start reading for a limited time on Figment), Larry Watson crafts a story of heartache and ambition in America’s heartland. Sixteen-year-old Matthew Garth lives in a small, Minnesota town where he spends most of … Continue reading

They Dreamed A Dream…

The American Dream is something that’s been ingrained in us. Films, family, and our education show us the house with the picket fence and fancy car, the family sitting at the dinner table passing the rolls. But somewhere in that … Continue reading

The Bronxwood Contest

Life isn’t easy for Tyrell, the main character in Coe Booth’s Bronxwood (which you can read an excerpt of for a limited time here). Even though he’s just 16, he has to act much older to handle the fact that his brother is … Continue reading