BETA: Design Challenge

In her world, being human would be a fatal error. 

Elysia is a Beta, an experimental teenage clone. She’s beautiful, smart, and she comes with a computer chip programmed to help her say the right thing at all times. Elysia is pretty much the perfect accessory for any home. As she settles into her life serving the governor’s family on island paradise Demesne, she begins to notice a dark undercurrent of discontent. Everyone seems to be unhappy: the wealthy residents, their overprivileged children, and the soulless clones who serve them. But in this perfect world, what is the cause of all the sadness?

Design an original cover for Beta by Rachel Cohn and you could win a copy of the novel from Hyperion Teens, professionally printed with YOUR design! Just follow these three easy steps:

Rachel Cohn1. Start reading Beta on Figment.

2. Design an original cover for the novel. The design should include the book’s title and the name of the author and use ONLY original art or photography.(Nothing off the Internet!)

3. Submit your entry using the widget below by
10:00 a.m. ET on Monday, November 26, 2012.


18 thoughts on “BETA: Design Challenge

  1. I don’t understand. So above it says to submit your entry by November 26. Though below it says the contest ended October 31. Why did I just waste so much time making a cover if the contest already ended? Is this just a typo, can I still submit it somehow?

  2. The contest ends tomorrow and I uploaded my entry about a week and a half ago and it still hasn’t shown up. If this contest is based on votes… Then how is there any chance?

    • Hey Victoria-

      There is some delay in entries appearing as they all are manually verified for eligibility first. Finalists are chosen by the author and then voting begins, so you’re not missing out.

  3. is there any other way to vote than through facebook? Because I really like the one by Julia, the one in black and white 🙂

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