Kerri Majors on What it Means to Be a Writer

This is Not a Writing Manual by Kerri Major

Do you dream of being a famous author? Well, of course you do! But what happens when your novel gets rejected, or you never hear back from the editors of that literary magazine? Kerri Majors, author of “This Is Not a Writing Manual” and editor and founder of the online literary magazine YARN, has, like all writers, hit some bumps along the way. She’s stopped by Figment to share her advice on what to do when you’re going through one of those rough patches, how to make the writing world work for you, and how to be a “writer” rather than a “novelist.” Continue reading

An Interview with Author S. Whitaker

S. Whitaker

S. Whitaker is a high school Creative Writing teacher, a published author, a blogger, and a Figment user. We sat down to talk with him about a bunch of topics, including his newest book, ​The Black Narrows​; his poem-a-day project; and his favorite words. Want to know what it takes to get a book published, as told by a Figment user? Keep reading to find out! Continue reading

Jim Ottaviani on Writing Non-fiction

Jim Ottaviani

When you’re writing nonfiction, what’s the most important thing? Should you stuff your story with facts or focus on crafting an amazing piece of literature that will speak to your audience? Jim Ottaviani, author of Feynman and Primates, knows a little about this subject. He’s been writing nonfiction, science-oriented comics since 1997. So what’s his advice for nonfiction writers? He’s stopped by Figment to share his expertise! Continue reading

Katie McGarry on Romance, Research, and Baseball

Dare You To by Katie McGarry

What goes into writing a killer love story? Before you get to the meat of the relationship, you need two strong characters who work as individuals, not just as a couple. So when Katie McGarry started to write Beth’s new love interest in “Dare You To,” she knew she needed to make the guy interesting and believable. How did she work out what makes good-guy jock Ryan tick? Read on to find out! Continue reading

Secret Societies: Inspiring Night School

Night School by C.J. Daugherty

C.J. Daugherty was a journalist before she started writing YA novels. It was a photo in the newspaper — and the accompanying caption — that inspired C.J. to write her first novel, “Night School.” Click through to learn more about the secret society that inspired her, and enter our writing challenge for a chance to see your story on the Figment homepage. Continue reading

Shandy Lawson Challenge: Writing Compactly

The Loop by Shandy Lawson

Sometimes, when writing, you’re hit with a burst of inspiration and the words just flow. But in the end, you’re left with a lot of . . . er, words. Shandy Lawson, author of the debut novel, “The Loop,” shares his secrets for tightening up your story through careful word choice and smart cutting. Click through to read more and enter our writing challenge! Continue reading