#IreadYA: Writers Tell You What to Read Now!

All month long Scholastic has been asking you: What are your favorite YA reads? And the tweets have been coming in loud and clear! Some of our favorite YA writers have been sharing their must-reads as well. Take a look at their recommendations below. And then check out Figment’s list of YA recommendations for some of our favorite celebrities (both real and fictional)! Continue reading

Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s Halloween Must-Reads

beautiful redemption cover

Looking for some spooky books to get you in the Halloween spirit? Check out this list from Beautiful Redemption co-authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, which includes a Japanese tale that “makes the Hunger Games look like the Slumber Games” and one about a grandmother who spends her spare time sewing a freaky army out of flesh and mud.

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Figment Flash Mob: Ryan Guzman Brings the Heat

You’ve seen the Step Up series bring the moves before. You’ve seen Channing Tatum tear up the dance floor and Rick Malambri battle it out at the club. But you’ve never seen anything like what Ryan Guzman and his Miami flash mob are about to throw your way this Friday in “Step Up Revolution.” See what Ryan is reading and what other fun questions we threw Ryan’s way in our exclusive interview! Continue reading