Featured Fig: E. Anderson

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“It’s great to be surrounded by such a spectacular group of writers, and they are the ones who have created a second home for me here on Figment. I love the feedback I get on my pieces, and I love giving feedback as well. I can’t count the number of stories and poems I’ve read so far and thought, “Wow, I wish I could write like that.” I draw inspiration from my fellow authors as well, and I like asking for opinions on titles, character names, and plot twists. Without these people, these friends, my writings wouldn’t be half as much as they are now.” – E. Anderson Continue reading

Featured Fig: Eastlyn Ullmann


“One of the pieces of advice that I find myself constantly giving is to read your compositions out loud. This helps me to find mistakes or awkward phrases. Also, just continue writing if you love it. There comes a point when others’ opinions do not solely govern what you write but you are still humble enough to take constructive advice. Work hard and write what you love!” – Eastlyn Ullmann Continue reading

Featured Fig: Stormie D.


“I enjoy that everyone here is so supportive. Everyone is here to support you and actually help you to become an author… which, of course, is a dream of mine! Also, unlike other sites, it is much easier to get constructive criticism here. Those are probably the two most important things a writer can have (besides an ice-cream break now and then, but you get the picture).” – Stormie D. Continue reading

Featured Fig: Madison L.H.

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“I’ve found that a lot of us are alike in ways that I didn’t expect when I first joined [Figment]. Everyone critiques in such a polite and respectful but totally honest way without crossing over to trolling territory, and that’s something I really appreciate and haven’t found on any other writing website before.” – Madison L.H. Continue reading