Featured Fig: Irene Grey

“The best advice I can give to other Figgies is to read. People who
don’t read can’t write. Or at least, in my experience, write well.
Think of the quote we have in our collection of quote art here on Fig
– “Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river.” Why?
Because children do not learn how to speak without seeing others speak
and being spoken to, they do not learn to walk without being shown
how, and as writers, we can not write (or rather, write well) without
seeing others write, letting their ideas wash over us, and being shown
how.” – Irene Grey Continue reading

Featured Fig: Maria Rae

“I like meeting writers from different parts of the world and learning from them. So far, my best experiences have been with a fellow Figgy in Belgium and another in India. I don’t make friends very easily so I really appreciate them and all the help they’ve given me. I also competed in the first ‘Figgy Idol’ group competition. It was pretty difficult but I loved seeing what other writers made of the prompts, and I ended up placing second over-all.” – Maria Rae Continue reading