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Interlochen Arts Academy Writing House

Are you an eighth grader or high school freshman, sophomore, or junior who wants to take your writing to the next level? Do you want to be surrounded by other, equally dedicated young authors? Then enter Interlochen Arts Academy’s Virginia B. Ball Creative Writing Competition to win a $30,0000 scholarship to the Michigan boarding school.

Today, teacher Mika Perrine talks about the writing life at Interlochen and introduces a few choice selections of student work. Continue reading

The 215 Festival Contest

In celebration of Philadelphia’s 215 Festival—four days of PA literary goodness—we have a writing contest where you could win publication in Apiary Magazine and three found photos from the PERSONAL collection of Ransom Riggs, author of “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”! To make this contest even cooler, the finalist stories will be judged by Madeleine Richardson Graham, curator of the 215 Festival’s YA Saturday—a.k.a. Figment citizen Vee Weasley! Continue reading

The Diviners Mysterious Clue Flash-Fiction

New York City in 1926 isn’t all dancing in your glad rags at the Cotton Club. Somewhere out there, something wicked is lurking . . . and he’s leaving behind clues. A dead girl, missing her eyes, with a word scrawled on her forehead and a symbol on her chest. What does it all mean? And who—or what—is terrorizing New York?

In honor of Libba Bray’s eerie new jazz-age mystery, “The Diviners,” we’ve got a riddling flash-fiction contest for you. Write a story about a mysterious clue and be entered to win a signed copy of the book and some jake flapper swag!
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E.M. Kokie on Writing About Military Families

There are certain topics that are hard to tackle. Writing about military families dealing with the loss of a soldier is definitely one of them. E.M. Kokie, the debut writer behind the novel, “Personal Effects” shares her experiences researching such a touchy subject. And she has a writing challenge for you Figs! Click through to read more. Continue reading