Follow Him

You turn to run after him, but he’s too fast and too silent. It’s impossible. You’ve wasted too much time—if you continue in your quest to find food now, you’ll be caught outside the Wall when the sun sets, and … Continue reading


You move to empty your bag, but then you lunge forward, one hand swinging to catch the kid on the temple, the other grabbing his wrist and bending, hard, until the glass drops to the ground. You pick up the … Continue reading

Keep Going

There’s no way you’re going home empty-handed. Not again. You ignore the shaking in your hand and the pounding in your head and run the rest of the way out of the tunnels. You work quickly and quietly, scouring a … Continue reading

Turn Back

No freaking way, man. You haven’t had it easy on the outskirts, living like a scavenger, but you’ve managed to stay clear of the bloodsuckers, and that’s not nothing. What were you thinking? One day at a time, you’ll manage … Continue reading