Figment Badges


Badges – what they are and how to get them?

Newbie – just for signing up and being you!
Junior Editor – for writing 2 reviews
Critic – for writing 30 reviews
Inkslinger – for publishing 2 books
Wordsmith – for publishing 10 books
Anthologist – for publishing 50 books
Novelist – for publishing a book of 10 or more chapters
Cardiologist – for receiving 5 hearts
Heartbreaker – for receiving 75 hearts
Bookworm – for reading 25 writings
Bibliophile – for reading 100 writings
Chatterbox – for posting 20 forum replies
Forum Fiend – for posting 100 forum replies
Shares Nicely – for updating your writings on Facebook and/or Twitter 10 times
Pied Piper – for having 50 followers
Bard – for posting 5 poems
Jokester – for receiving 10 “laugh” reactions
Stunner – for receiving 10 “wow” reactions
Tear Jerker – for receiving 10 “cry” reactions
Chiller – for receiving 10 “shiver” reactions
Fever – for receiving 10 “blush” reactions

New badges coming soon!

61 thoughts on “Figment Badges

  1. If you want some ideas for badges, I have a few! I think there should be badges for; how many years you have been on Figment, publishing 100 books on Figment, recieving a specific amount of reviews on a story, having a certain amount of words on a story (like, 10,000 words, 50,000 words, 100,000 words), Having finished novels, certain badges for how many books you have written in a genre. Those are just ideas and suggestions >w<

  2. Two another idea you could use are how many groups a person joined and how many forums a person replied back to or written.

    • yeah, I noticed that too. They don’t have some of the badges listed here. Sometimes, I look at someone’s profile and they have a badge that I haven’t seen before.

  3. I think there should be a badge for making the home page, like just a featured story or something. And there should definitely be one for being the “featured fig”! Just a few ideas, probably nothing too important 😛

  4. I think you should have a badge for a group admin that has over 20 members. Also badges for getting 10 “shiver” reactions and 10 “blush” reactions because I think they’re left out. There should also be a badge for writing over 100 books in one month with more than 2 chapters in each. I just thought they would be good ideas 🙂

  5. You could do badges for 10 ‘blush’ and ‘shiver’ options because they are left out. You could call the blush one ‘Romantic’, and the shiver one ‘Spine-Chilling’, or something like that. That would be amazing! 🙂

  6. Some badges that I think would be cool:
    -different badges for how long you’ve been on Figment
    -“Groupie” badge for being in a certain number of groups
    -“Leader” badge for either creating a certain number of groups or a certain number of discussions
    -“Fanatic” badge for writing a certain number of fanfics
    -“Adrenalin Junkie” badge for writing a certain number of action/adventure stories
    -a badge for being a featured Fig
    -“Rosy” badge for getting 10 “blush” reactions
    -“Chiller” badge for getting 10 “shiver” reactions

  7. Badges for the amount of reviews you’ve done on top of the one we have already, e.g. for 500 reviews, 1000 reviews.

  8. How about badges for having 100 followers, for following 100 Figgies, and having all the badges on your wall:) Or even you could get a badge for having a certain amount of group members, having a certain amount of groups, joining a certain amount of other peoples’ groups:)

  9. Also, this is a really good idea! I think you should also have these as well:

    “Romance Master” – Received 10 blushes
    “Chiller” – Received 10 shivers
    “Fanatic” – Wrote 10 fanfics.
    “Follows Well” – Followed 50 people.
    “Comment Fiend” – Posted 100 comments.
    “Competitor” – Entered 10 competitions.

    Those are just ideas though…hope you include them!

  10. I think there should be badges for getting a specific amount of hearts on a story. I don’t know what it would be called though.

  11. “Author” – 75 books
    “Comedian” – 65 laughs
    “Best Friend Forever” – 100 updated stories on Facebook and/or Twitter
    “Cop” – reporting 10 harassment/abuse reports
    “Commentator” – 75 Comments
    “Editor” 75 Reviews
    “Bashful” – 60 Blushes

    Just some more!

  12. Receiving 10 Shivers – Adrenalist.
    Writing 10 poems or a poetry collection over 10 chapters – Dramatist.
    Writing 5 plays – Playwright.
    Receiving 20 Laughs – Comic.
    Badges for publishing different genres.

  13. It would be cool if you got a badge for writing at least one book every two or three days over a certain amount of time.

    There should also be a ‘bilingual’ badge if you publish books in two different languages.

  14. I don’t know if anybody has suggested this, but what about badges for writing specific genres? Like “Nerd” for writing sci-fi, or “lovey-dovey” for writing romance, “spritual” for religious, etc… I think that would be cool! 🙂

  15. I’ve been reading through the progression of suggestions over time and thinking… hey, we have that badge now. Thank you, Figment admin for listening! It feels good when you know you’re being heard.

    So I was looking at suggestions by other people that have not yet been implemented, and I figured I might comment on them a bit…

    These ideas are combined from Isaac Thomas, Laina BBGirl44, sam, Lora, Christine Hungerford, Elias Meade, Melissa Tennant, Calliope, and Jordan Parker.

    For publishing 10 FanFics (Fanatic) I personally love this idea.
    For writing 75 or 100 comments (Commentator) Like this idea… the name could use tweaking.
    For entering 10 competitions (Competitor) Love this idea too.
    For writing 10, 15, 20 or more poems or publishing a book of poetry with more than 10, 15, 20 + chapters(Dramatist) As a poet myself, really like this idea. Feels like the poets out there should get a little more acknowledgement
    For being in (x) groups (Groupie) Good idea.
    For being a Figgie for (x) years (no name) Okay idea, because staying for 5 or 10 years could be quite an accomplishment. If Figment members stay 25 or 50 years, that would be cause for a badge for sure.
    For following 100 people (no name) Then you could go around just clicking follow-follow-follow.
    For writing 100,000-1,000,000 words (more than one badge? no name(s)) Easier just to stick with chapters and books.
    For writing 50, 75 books (Author) A good idea, but the name should change. Just because you can write 75 books doesn’t mean they’re any good. Feels more like the shotgun effect.
    For receiving 75 “Laugh” reactions (Comedian) Great idea! There should be a second reaction badge for each of these, at a good mile marker like 75 or 100.
    For writing 75 reviews (Editor) Good idea, maybe a different name, because a lot of people write what are actually comments in the review section.
    For receiving 75 “Blush” reactions (Bashful) Same with Comedian idea, but definitely a different name for this one.
    For writing 5 plays (Playwright) Just like a poet’s passion, a great idea.
    For publishing (a) (2) + book(s) in two different languages (Bilingual) Good idea.
    For writing 5 SciFi(books?) (Nerd) Same with playwright idea.

    I do think there should be a limit to the badges created, because having too many could create some serious clutter, and I think it would be excessive. Just my thoughts. 🙂

    • Love these – thank you! We also just added two new badges for gaining 10 shivers and blushes so we are always looking for new ideas. Thank you!

      • Yes, there are some of us who are poets who feel a little… left out. If there could be some badges for poets, that’d be great.

        Also, some of us only write story stories. Maybe having a badge for those who have written 10 stories that have “short story” selected in the details?

    • I really think these are some great ideas that could be a benefit for Figment! I’m a newbie and enjoy this website a ton! 😀

  16. Why not create a badge for publishing a book with 15 or 20 chapters? I don’t know what it would be called unless it was after some author, like the “Tolkien” badge or something like that.

  17. I saw all these great ideas and (unless I missed it) I wish figment had an app. Then someone could receive a badge just for downloading the app. That would be convenient and awesome!

  18. So I was watching the scroll banner on Figment’s home page and saw that there’s a badge for First in Line. I wonder, will you be adding that to the above list, or is it one of those one-time things like Street Team and NaNoWriMo badges? And anyways, the hyperlink leads to the website, so how have people been getting/how will people get the badge?

  19. You should make a badge for publishing 25 books/poems/etc. That way there would be an in between for Wordsmith and Anthologist. ~J. E. Carey

  20. I think some badges can be introduced for-
    1. 100 hearts
    2. 150 hearts
    and so on…
    Thus the figs will be eager to write more and more.

  21. Maybe something like the Jokester, Stunner, Tear Jerker, Chiller, and Fever, badges, but requiring you to get 100 or 1000?
    Also, Something where You have to have 1000, 5000, and 10000 hearts would be cool, as they would display great achievement and devotion to the site.

    Just a fer suggestions 🙂

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