7 thoughts on “four authors small-horiz

  1. I have been writing a book since fourth grade, and have started over nearly 400 times. Each time I start over, I add more to the plot line and the characters, which is great, but I really want to just sit down and write the whole thing, but when I try to do so, I find I cannot get more then a few pages into it. Advice?

  2. I love wrting and find it relaxing. However in school, I sometimes find it disenhearting whenever I receive a low grade in an essay. Have you ever experienced failing (or doing poorly) in a writing exam? How did you overcome it?

  3. After you finish writing a rough draft, how do you tackle the enormous challenge of editing? Are there certain techniques to use to try and improve it?

  4. This is to Scott Westerfeld! In Specials, why did you allow Zane to die? I liked him way better than David! I literally was bawling my eyes out when he died.

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