Stop Moving

You stop moving, but it’s no use. You’re just delaying the inevitable. You can’t stop sinking. The murk is up to your neck. Your arms are so tired. What do you do? Drop your arms Wait. Call for help.


You’re still sinking. The murk is at your chin, your mouth. Even if your hands are the last to go, what use is that? What do you do? Call for help. Give up.

Drop Your Arms

Your hands sink into the muck, getting pulled quickly down. You try for a moment to lift your arms, but only succeed in getting the slime up to the corners of your mouth. What do you do? Call for help. … Continue reading

Stay Very Still

It’s no use. You’re already hip-deep. The murk will creep over your waist, your chest . . . Anything is better than rolling over and letting the Underworld kill you without a fight. C’mon. Fight! What do you do? Try … Continue reading

Try to Escape

Your struggles only push you further into the muck. It’s at your chin now, pulling at the arms you’re still holding above your head. What now? Give up. Call for help.