Featured Fig: Unmasked Dreams


“The more you read, the more you open yourself up to the endless possibilities. If you’re unsure of what you’re writing, ask help from a trusted friend. If you don’t want your friends to know about it, share it on this wonderful site and ask for a swap. Just never stop writing, We all have that story we aren’t sure of. But don’t let that stop you. Happy writing! :)” – Unmasked Dreams Continue reading

Featured Fig: Kaylee Herndon


“I find inspiration in situations that cause a lot of emotional turmoil. I like to try to capture the specific emotion or the struggle of multiple emotions with words. I am also a part of a small community of writers; we all motivate each other when we are having trouble or get writer’s block.” – Kaylee Herndon Continue reading

Featured Fig: Josephine F.


“Well, to improve your writing you should seek out as much advice and feedback as you possibly can. Then take note of it and apply it to other stories that you are writing or going to write. ALWAYS accept criticism though, it will improve your writing so much. I know for a fact that with the more meaningful criticism that I have received it has all been ingrained into my mind and my family and have realized a huge improvement in my current stories compared to my older stories. Good feedback will help you so accept it unless it is unreasonable or rude. Just remember to never give up, even if you receive mean comments! :)” – Josephine F. Continue reading