Where Do You Belong in the High School Hierarchy? Take the Absent Quiz!

Absent by Katie Williams

Paige is just a normal high school girl, worrying about grades and who she’ll sit with at lunch, until she falls off the roof in a freak accident during Physics. Doomed to haunt the school with other kids who died there, Paige manages to make do. But when she hears a rumor that her fall wasn’t an accident at all—that she had jumped on purpose—Paige decides it’s time to get a little revenge and set the record straight.

Inspired by the cliques that rule Paige’s world in “Absent” by Katie Williams, we wondered where we fit into the high school hierarchy. Want to find out where you fit? Take this quiz! Continue reading

The Rumor Mill: Absent Four-Day Flash Contest

Absent by Katie Williams

You would think when you’re dead, you wouldn’t have to worry about people starting rumors about you. Paige isn’t so lucky — the popular girl at her high school is saying she fell of the school roof — on purpose. Inspired by “Absent” by Katie Williams, we’ve got a new rumor-driven flash contest for you. Click through to learn more! Continue reading