Enter the Bewitching Flash Fiction Contest!

Want to win a copy of Alex Flinn’s “Bewitching”? Correct response: “Um. Heck YES.”

You still have THREE chances to win a copy of Alex’s latest novel! Just respond to our daily flash-fiction prompt, and be sure to check the contest blog every day through this Saturday (2/25) for more chances to win. Click through for details. Continue reading

Wild Witch Showdown!

We’re not saying we’re the most qualified people to judge a to-the-paint showdown of famous pop-culture witches, but we are featuring an excerpt of Alex Flinn’s new novel, “Bewitching.” You can start reading right now about Kendra–the witch behind some of the most well-known acts of magic in the world. (Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, anyone?) We’re also hosting five days of flash fiction all about magical totems and items. We’ve ALSO watched every episode of “Buffy.” Twice. So, we’re not saying we’re the best qualified? But we’re not NOT saying that.

Who’s the best pop-culture witch of all time? Is it Willow, Elphaba, the Halliwells, Hermione, or Jadis the White Witch? Cast your vote! Continue reading

Bewitching Flash Fiction

Alex Flinn has a way with fairy tales. She can take the most well-known fable, add some spice, and turn it into something surprising and fresh. In this case, the spice is Kendra, an immortal witch and a shameless meddler in mortal affairs who’s changing the traditional fairy-tale recipe. For instance, take one part Beauty and the Beast, add two parts Kendra, and BAM! You’ve got “Beastly,” in which Kendra, disguised as an ugly high-school student, teaches an arrogant boy about the meaninglessness of external beauty. Add a sprinkle of Kendra to a boiling pot of Cinderella, and POOF! You’ve got “Bewitching,” in which Kendra, returning to high school, has juuuuust the thing to help innocent Emma get rid of her conniving stepsister . . . and it isn’t a pumpkin.

Inspired by “Bewitching” (which you can start reading on Figment), we have a string of flash fiction mini-contests for you! Continue reading

Twitter Trivia: Win Bewitching!

Happy Friday, Figlets! It’s your lucky day. Today (2/24) on Twitter, from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST, we’re tweeting out fun trivia related to Alex Flinn and her enchanting new book, Bewitching (which you can start reading on Figment). … Continue reading