How We Felt When We Heard About the Fantastic Beasts Movie

Figs, all of our greatest wishes have been answered! J.K. Rowling is writing a film series based off on ´╗┐”Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them´╗┐.” That means more premieres, more midnight releases, and more brand-new stories. We could tell you how absolutely insanely excited we are, but why would we do that when we could show you…through GIFS, of course! Continue reading

Sci-Fi for People Who Hate Sci-Fi

You love your friends. You do. Really. It’s just…*sigh*. Sometimes they don’t GET it, you know? You’re squeeing over Dr. Who and sighing over Fringe and stroking the cover of your Philip K. Dick anthology and your friend, who in … Continue reading

Ate Books to Make Your Stomach Growl

Redwall by Brian Jacques This is not a book to read on an empty stomach. Dandelion salad, Otter’s Hotroot Soup, Meadowcream…I have no doubt that all of these are heart-stoppingly delicious, even though I’ve never tried any of them. Want … Continue reading