Julie Kagawa Writing Challenge– Winners!

After our chat with Julie Kagawa, the author of “The Eternity Cure,” we asked you to share with us your own inspirational insights! You wrote beautiful entries about what it truly means to write, sing, dance and just be yourself, and we are now pleased to announce the winning entries! Continue reading

Top 6 Scariest, Deadliest (Fictional) Viruses

julie kagawa, blood of eden, the immortal rules

The insane disease in Julie Kagawa’s “The Eternity Cure” definitely makes for a page-turner. It also got us thinking about some of our favorite (or maybe least favorite) fictional viruses. These diseases set the scenes for awesome stories, but we sure wouldn’t want to come down with one. Which one is the most terrifying–Rage from “28 Days Later” or MEV-1 from “Contagion”? Vote for your favorite now! Which ones did we leave out? Let us know in the comments. Continue reading