The NeverEnding Story

Literacy and imagination are two things that are in short supply in today’s society. Well, at least in today’s American society—I hear that frigid places such as Denmark have quite high literacy rates. That’s not to say that I find … Continue reading

Breaking Dawn Midnight Premiere

The Figment office took a field trip last night to a midnight showing of Breaking Dawn: Part 1 completely for work’s sake and not for any kind of personal enjoyment or overwhelming need to get our fix of Taylor Lautner’s … Continue reading

Easy A (2010)

Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone) is a typical teenager going to a somewhat clichéd, never-gonna-exist-in-real-life high school, which we assume to be in Southern California. She happens to have a problem everyone that age has: namely, a boastfully slutty friend Rhi … Continue reading