Robin LaFevers, Gentle Assassin

“If I were an assassin, I would be a gentle assassin, so my weapon of choice would probably be poison, and a benevolent poison at that. I really like the idea of death being one really long, excellent nap.”

Robin LaFevers would be the world’s cuddliest assassin. Get to know her, and read an excerpt of her YA debut, “Grave Mercy,” on Figment. Continue reading

Ask a Screenwriter!

We love New Girl. No matter how quirky/crazy/awkward Zooey Deschanel‘s character Jess gets, we can’t fault her. Even when she’s got a turkey in the dryer. Even when she’s hiding tampons in an apron. Even when she’s singing to herself, again. Though … Continue reading

Daniel Handler Responds!

There are a lot of questions that Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket, could answer. How many roads must a man walk down? Why do fools fall in love? Who let the dogs out? But he’s not answering just any questions. He’s … Continue reading

Pretty Little Q-and-A

Addiction, noun. (/əˈdikSHən/) The inevitable consequence of watching more than five minutes of Pretty Little Liars. Merriam-Webster. Maya Goldsmith is one of the people to blame for your addiction. As a writer for ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, she’s part of … Continue reading

Got Questions? Junot Diaz Has Answers

And now for one of our favorite pieces of writing advice in recent memory: “You don’t become a good writer by only working on the pieces that smell good from the beginning.” That gem comes from the wondrous Junot Díaz himself. … Continue reading