14 Ways Reading Improves Your Mind and Body

As any bookworm can tell you, reading offers serious perks for your brain. Not only can reading make you more intelligent, but it allows you to forget about your everyday problems as you immerse yourself in another world. While it sounds fanciful, science is proving this right! Continue reading

Our Favorite Literal Beach Reads

Sarah Dessen

Sometimes, it’s hard to agree on what makes a good beach read. Some people like fun, light chick lit about summer romance. Some people like gritty thrillers about the zombie apocalypse. But you know what books are foolproof beach reads? These books. About beaches. Not only will you feel like you’re there, you actually WILL be there! What could be better?
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Girls Write Now Reading!

On Friday, April 20, Figment had the great pleasure of attending the Girls Write Now CHAPTERS reading in New York City. It was a blast! Girls Write Now is a one-of-a-kind mentorship program where young women get paired with professional … Continue reading