How To Know If A Nerdy Boy Likes You

It’s definitely possible that your nerdy boy is outgoing, talkative, and able to pass for a socially competent human being. But it’s also likely that, given his brain capacity, he’s over-thinking every interaction to the point that you have no idea how he really feels about you. Here are some nerdy boy “tells.” Continue reading

How To Talk To A Nerdy Boy

Now that we’ve discussed where to meet nerdy boys, it’d be irresponsible of me not to offer some guidance on what to do once you’ve got one in your field of vision. These skittish creatures are equipped with more defense mechanisms than the pirate ship in The Goonies, so you’re going to have to pull off some fancy psychological feats in order to break past their cultivated layers of caution. Continue reading

Her Campus Valentine’s Day Contest

Being in a relationship is hard. There are misunderstandings and make-ups, I wanna kiss yous and I wanna kill yous. Writing a relationship is hard, too. Is your couple’s chemistry believable? Are the obstacles you’ve strewed in their path cliched? … Continue reading

The Romance Cliche Contest

Matilde turns to the door framed by velvet curtains. In the candelight, she sees Armande standing there, looking at her intensely. “You’ve come back,” she utters in shock. “I had to. I could never live without you,” he cries. “But … Continue reading