You Haired it Here First

Whether or not you like “Twilight”, whether your heart beats hard for Edward’s brood or goes into spastic convulsions if someone even thinks about mentioning she-who-shall-not-be-named (hint: it rhymes with Smella Fwan), you have to hand it to them: the “Twilight” kids have great hair.

Whose hair is best, though? It’s a close call. Time for some scientific analysis of the just-released teaser trailer for “Breaking Dawn: Part 2”. Continue reading

Breaking Dawn in Charts

If you haven’t been swept up in the Breaking Dawn¬†frenzy, your mother/sister/girlfriend/brother/boyfriend/pet has been. To find out all you need to know about the movie without actually entering the theater, use these handy cheat-sheet charts. So when your mother/sister/girlfriend/brother/boyfriend/pet tries … Continue reading

Breaking Dawn Midnight Premiere

The Figment office took a field trip last night to a midnight showing of Breaking Dawn: Part 1 completely for work’s sake and not for any kind of personal enjoyment or overwhelming need to get our fix of Taylor Lautner’s … Continue reading

Sweetly by Jackson Pearce

Happy Friday-before-Halloween, Figbursts! Just in case your costume-stylin’, trick-or-treating fun ends a little early this week (Halloween on a school night? Lame.) we wanted to leave you with a super awesome recommendation to keep you spooked. And our Halloween Book … Continue reading