Underlined Platform Screenshots!

Hey Figgies! Team U here! Here is a FIRST LOOK at your new writing home! You’re the first people to get a sneak peek. Thanks for letting us know what you’d most like to see. Based on your feedback, we’re starting with a … Continue reading

Featured Fig: Mari

“I really enjoy the fact that the community on Figment is so willing to help others grow as writers. The feedback I’ve received from Figment has been what has helped me grow as a writer because it’s coming from fellow writers, and they’ve helped me improve my skills so much since I’ve started posting.” – Mari Continue reading

Featured Fig: Christopher Hansen

“Keep working, and keep searching for critique. It probably won’t be a lot of fun, because critique can stink, but if you listen to good critique, and do your best to learn, revise, and repeat, then it will pay off in the long run. Your writings will only improve on the input of others, as well as your constant striving to make it better.” – Christopher Hansen Continue reading