Keep Heading to the Center of the City

Immortal Rules by Julie KagawaYou’ve made up your mind. You’re through with a life of scraps and survival. If all it’s going to take is to stay alive is giving up a little bit of your blood, so be it. Don’t think of the friends you’ve left behind—friends who depend on your survival. Don’t think of your parents, who warned you not to trust the vampires, warned you with their dying breaths. Don’t think about the world beyond the walls of New Covington—a world that the vampires can’t touch, a world that could be yours if you dared reach out and take it.

Your parents warned you not to get mixed up with vampires. They would have wanted you to fight. But how long could you keep fighting a war that’s already been won?The vampires are in charge, and that’s not going to change.

You’re a survivor. You do what it takes to survive. You take your last free breath and step into the center of the city. Here goes nothing.

Try again?

This story was inspired by the world of Julie Kagawa’s new novel The Immortal Rules. What path will Allison Sekemoto, an Unregistered who loathes vampires, choose when she becomes a vamp herself? Start reading The Immortal Rules for a limited time on Figment to find out!

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