Sneak into the Fringe

Immortal Rules by Julie KagawaYou’re pretty sure you can make it past the Pets. You hold your breath, sliding along the wall, careful not to make any noise as you shift your weight from one foot to the other, inching away from the pair.

Twenty more steps. Ten. Then you’ll be—

“Interesting.” A cold cuff settles around your wrist and someone roughly pushes up your sleeves. Unfortunately, your arms don’t bear the Prince’s brand—the brand that keeps Registereds safe and makes Unregistereds like you outlaws.

“Being Unregistered isn’t a crime.”

“Sneaking into the city from beyond the wall is.” One of the pets slices the carrying strap on your bag and the carefully collected supplies spill onto the ground. “Scavenging is. Carrying a weapon is.”

You pull on the cuff, but the chain holds strong. You know what happens to Unregistereds accused of thievery.

“Please don’t do this.”

The pet doesn’t even look at you. “It’s not up to us. You’ll be delivered to the Prince. He’ll decide what to do with you, but I warn you, it doesn’t look good.” He kicks one of the rolls you risked so much to retrieve and it lands in a damp gray puddle, soaking up the filth.

You know what happens now. You don’t resist as the cuff is tugged and you’re dragged into the Inner City.

Try again?

This story was inspired by the world of Julie Kagawa’s new novel The Immortal Rules. What path will Allison Sekemoto, an Unregistered who loathes vampires, choose when she becomes a vamp herself? Start reading The Immortal Rules for a limited time on Figment to find out!


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