Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa“I’m on my way to register now.” You attempt a shaky smile.

“You want to serve the vampires?” The bloodsucker that steps forward has dark, close-cropped hair, except for a wide strip down the center of his skull, which is shaggy and unwashed. He smiles again, the expression threatening.

You’ve made a terrible mistake. You turn quickly, but his hand is on your shoulder, then on your head, then there’s a pain just above your collarbone and you can hear laughter, terrible laughter, but it’s hard to see and it hurts. It hurts . . . and then it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Try again?

This story was inspired by the world of Julie Kagawa’s new novel The Immortal Rules. What path will Allison Sekemoto, an Unregistered who loathes vampires, choose when she becomes a vamp herself? Start reading The Immortal Rules for a limited time on Figment to find out!


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