Updated for Clarity: Can you Heart it?

Here at Figment, we heart many things. We heart reading and writing. We heart Nutella and Sprinkles cupcakes. We <3 NY (see what I did there?). But most of all, we heart YOU. So Figment and I Heart Daily are teaming up to make the things you heart known to the masses. Which is why you should submit a short piece of writing about something you love. We’ll submit our favorites to I Heart Daily, who will display them in a special “Figment <3’s” section of their fabulous website. Sound good? Here are the details:

Think about something you heart that fits into the categories of entertainment, beauty, style, or news. Maybe you <3 OPI’s new fall collection (spoiler alert – yes you do). Or perhaps there’s an awesome new band you think everyone should be listening to. Or maybe you just heard about an 18 year old entrepreneur who started a non-profit. Whatever you’re hearting this second, we want to hear about it!

Send us your submissions at iheartdaily@figment.com by 9/9. Entries should be fewer than 200 words, please! And don’t worry if you don’t see yours featured right away. We’ll be calling for new submissions every three months. So go ahead, fighearts – start lovin’!

This isn’t a typical Figment writing contest – it’s not about stories, poems, or even fiction! Think like a reporter instead. I Heart Daily features things like a new lip stick shade that’s perfect on everyone, a campaign to stop bullying, a brand of water that gives 10 cents of every purchase to charity, or adorable bracelets made out of actual braces. Here’s an example:

Personalized Ikea!

Perhaps you’re moving into a dorm soon or redecorating your bedroom for fall. Could it be that you have some Ikea furniture (who doesn’t)? In that case, we have awesome news: Mykea is here.

Mykea is a design company that specializes in helping you make your Ikea furniture less… generic. They make high quality vinyl stickers that fit into specific pieces of Ikea furniture to brighten it up and give it a personalized feel. Choose from designs like Spicy TreesLaces and Bows or Kaleido Gray (pictured) and make your room look less like a Swedish factory and more like you! Prices range from $15-60 for most designs.

Got an idea for a Mykea design? They’re always looking for new artists! Here’s how to submit.

12 thoughts on “Updated for Clarity: Can you Heart it?

    • Hey A.S.M-
      We’re looking more for suggestions of things that you like- movies, music, pictures, art, clothing, make-up, video games, or published books. Let me know if you still have any questions-
      esteele at figment.com

    • Hey M. Noel-
      Sorry if we weren’t clear in the description, but we aren’t looking for stories. We’re more looking to get a sense of what you love- movies, music, pictures, art, clothing, make-up, video games, published books, etc. Let me know if you still have any questions: esteele at figment.com

  1. MODS- Do I post this as a new writing on Figment and then copy and paste the link in an email to the email address or do I just send my writing in as a body in the email. Thanks!

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