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Once a week, we feature a great blogger. This week, it’s Wondrous Reads! [cue applause]

A little about Wondrous Reads…
Jenny, the creator of Wondrous Reads, knows young adult fiction. Not just knows, knows. Her book reviews tell it like it is, so when she says a book is really worth reading — I trust her. Of course, I also love her dark, yet playful, sense of humor and the fact that she keeps me updated on all the goings-on in the British young adult world. You should definitely visit her at

Figment asked Jenny: What is one thing you think separates the really good books from the great books?

“To me, the really good books are ones that stay with me forever, ones that I still think about, recommend and reread. Also, if a book makes me cry, that also means it’s something special, as that’s pretty hard to do!”

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