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It's snowing in NYC (near Figment HQ)

Snowed in? On winter break?

I’ve been reading winter/holiday stories and poems on Figment today (I don’t really want Christmas to be over yet, and it’s blizzarding outside), so I thought I’d share some of my discoveries.

Christmas Trees For Sale by Jake Soiffer
A poem. “i wander by the skeleton trees each evening /with coffee in my hands: / the steam unfolds…”

The Dark Side of the Snow by Cricket Kidd
Strangers meet on a distant planet….Although Kidd only has one chapter up so far, I like where it’s headed.

Once Upon a Christmas Wish by Matthew Reeves
A cell phone novel ^_^ “What would you do if a girl told you her biggest secret? What if that secret changed your life forever? A mysterious girl in red, a cold frigid Christmas Eve night, and a lonely young man escaping painful memories.”

Christmas Eve in New York City by Esther White
“A short story of an anonymous couple who have run away to New York City together.”

Latex Divine Intervention by Alice Readick
This one actually has nothing to do with the theme…I just really like it.

Enjoy reading! And I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday.


One thought on “Featured Figmenters

  1. Nice picks Lindsay! I’ve been doing the same, snowed in and reading. I’ve found Chasing Jake, it’s on the darker side of the holidays.

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