Did you notice?

You requested it, we listened! Now when you read a writing on Figment, you can scroll within a chapter.

14 thoughts on “Did you notice?


    My laptop isn’t that big, and it was annoying to have to scroll up and down just a tiny bit to read the entirety of each page. Thank you for this, you just made a lot of people happy!

    Now you just need a mass figment chatbox… *runs*

  2. Hmmm… I think I preferred it the other way – would there be a possible way to select (before reading) the way you want to read a piece? Thanks!

  3. I’m really impressed that you responded to the requests of Figmenters so quickly!
    However, I agree with Steel.
    Maybe a choice between scrolling and page turning?
    Sorry for sounding unappreciative. 😛

  4. I think that you shouldn’t just leave the scrolling. Sure a lot of people want it but it has its faults. You don’t have to take it away but at least let us people that like reading things in a real BOOK FORM with PAGES choose to read it the old way.

    I mean It’s a lot easier to copy + paste whole chapters in the scrolling form(for those people whole plagiarize.)

    Scrolling makes it just look so unprofessional. I really dislike this “Improvement” of you admins.

  5. Mayb im a lil silly but is not working fine i think…
    I can not scroll line to line or page to page, im using my laptop with the mousepad and is unmanagable….if i press in the arrow not make next from that point, it leaves many lines without show me, if i press in the keyb the arrow is the same, pls fix it cos i can not read nothing…. :(, i like ur site in PDF should b nice THXXXXXXXX!

  6. I don’t like the scrolling thing much. It’s kind of annoying because it’s harder for me to scroll *exactly* down to the next line after I finish a page. If you guys could make it an option to have the page thingy or scrolling, that’d be cool. Thanks! 😀

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